I get this a lot, the craving for something new, for change just for the sake of change–and no, this is not a political post, as it is I am up to here with this odd new meaning for change in political arenas. No I am talking about real change.

Usually for me this means rearranging the furniture, starting a new website, taking a spontaneous trip to visit friends. I used to go shopping when this urge hit but when money is tight that is not an option, nor is it healthy even if money is not tight. No, instead I use what I have and change something for the better. I wander around the house for days looking for something that needs done–a room that needs changed around (our living room is my favorite spot to rearrange but right now it is perfect as is–sigh), a closet that could be re-purposed (have those but need a plan first), something that needs a deep cleaning (plenty of those but not physically up to it right now, plus I need to think more on what to do and how to go about it.) I have plenty of that sort of project available right now but the solutions all take money and time and therefore do not give me the satisfaction of something I can fix right now.

Then there is computer stuff. This time is usually when I start a new website and delete old ones. I have some of that to do–I am dropping, have added a political blog shared with my husband (you can contact me if you are interested but we are keeping it separate on purpose for now), recently joined Family RUN (a radical unschooling network on Ning), and am pondering changes to the blogs I have. They need revamped, especially as WordPress has made a ton of changes over the last year that are not well incorporated into my themes.

This is also the time when I start looking for new programs to solve various problems but with Ubuntu I am very happy and have all the problems that I have run into solved, as far as is able on a non-Windows machine (there are certain things tht NEED Windows to run which drive me nuts–and which, at the moment my children are very into.)

In the end I believe there are several changes coming and they will be spontaneous when I do them–I will do them as soon as I have them thoguht out and not a moment before but no one, including myself, knows when the thinking process will end and the doing will begin.

We are saving for a new computer. Originally it was going to be the new kids computer but scne I am working on a rather old laptop (I believe it is 6 years old, maybe older) and my needs are more diverse than the kids we are getting ME a new computer and converting my laptop back to XP so that the kids can use it for Netflix watching and game playing (they are rather into Wizard 101 right now which is nice because they have real life friends that play AND it is designed to be accessible for both children and adults (the setup is brilliant and I am impressed with the way they managed it.) The way I have my laptop setup right now makes it easy to make mega changes to it. I have the entire thing backed up on an extra drive, I have only the basics installed and have all the drivers needed for running Ubuntu backed up. I also don’t have any major blog projects, aside from my own, in the works so I could easily redo my computer without much fuss. And so, knowing that in the next month or so I will be getting a new computer (I hope) my thinking is that htis is the time to switch THIS computer back to XP–hoping that it will be able to run Wizard 101 and Netflix. If not then no big deal, I just reinstall Ubuntu. I can actually run the game on this machine but it is way too slow using Wine and I am not sure if it will be as slow in Windows or if it is just because Wine takes so much processor. We shall see. And then, once I DO get a new machine I will do a dual boot install (God willing–these things can be tricksie) so that my new computer can also be used to watch Netflix and play real, honest to goodness video games. Because of the particular machine I would like to get I am hoping that I will be able to test out some other aspects of Ubuntu that my poor little laptop is just not capable of. Oh, and having the laptop be an xp machine will allow us to plug it into the tv and use Netflix download play on it–I hope.

Oh, and this new computer will, God willing, mean a new computer desk for me as the child’s school desk and laptable that currently serve as my desk (the school desk is the perfect eight for my keyboard and the laptable sits atop for the laptop) will need replacing as I am NOT getting another laptop.  (We have, what I hope, is the perfect solution picked out at IKEA.:))

The other major change that I am considering is another personal website. I feel like this is a homemaking/unschooling sort of blog and feel the need a place for more personal writing of this sort. I have been frustrated at my own lack of words and know that I need to “talk things out” when I get an idea but feel there is no place that is good for that. (Twitter’s 140 characters is not so great for non-concise writers like myself.) I also have the feeling that a fresh install of wordpress with a clean new theme is going to kick my bottom and give me a fresh new start in writing. I am not ready to do it just yet but am pondering and ponderings mean it is only a matter of time before I just do it. Right now my biggest pondering is name. I have an idea for the look but need to come up with what I want to call it and when that comes to me I will likely jump in with both feet and go with it, because that’s how I tend to do things.

Meanwhile the birthday season is starting up–my baby turns 8 next week then at Thanksgiving Essie turns 10 two days before my baby brother turns 18, and then right after Christmas my oldest turns 12 and we celebrate our 13th anniversary. So lots of external changes coming as well.