My Mom

Most of you know by now, my mom passed away suddenly after having a ruptured aneurysm (which they took care of) and then a masive, sudden brain hemmorage whcih essentially undid all the progress she had made in the previous days.  She passed away officially on August 30 at 3:10am–1 day before her 58th birthday.

There are many miraculous things that occurrred in that time–including us purchasing a Toyota Sienna 2001 minivan (which was an incredible blessing), that because of the way she went she was able to donate all her organs to others (a lifelong dream that could not have been fulfilled if she had died as we expected–from her severe liver disease), that one of the recipients was a close friend of our stepdad who had JUST been put on the kidney transplant list, and he is doing so well with it that they are sending him home today, just one week after receiving it.  Another small miracle has been the healing of the relationship between my brother and my dad and a wonderful new closeness betwen all of us kids and our stepbrother (who is a great guy but we had previously not gotten to know well).

There have also been many stresses which I will not go into at this time, though I may say we still need prayers for family issues that have come up  (as they always do).   Our stepdad (they married just 5 years ago) is especially in need of prayer.

Shamus has written a few wonderful posts about my mom and what has happened since (this one is my favorite:  I am getting caught up on all the missed sleep and even as I write this I once again feel sleep creeping up on me.