Unschooling Booboos

In case you haven’t guessed we have spending a great eal of time at the pond.  This means I have no internet access while there, except for on my phone which for some reason doesn’t like Twitter or Facebook.  The other day I stayed home to get some work done (cleaning and working on a house painting after helping my dad and brother get ceiling fans pu tup in the kids rooms so they aren’t so intensley hot up there.)  Issac went with Dad when he left to go down to the cottage so he could help him build stone steps.  Around 3:00 I got a call from my dad, “I broke your son.” Um, okay.  Now, I know my dad well enough to know that if he can joke about it it is probably not a huge, goign to the emergency room type deal but the fact that he called at all means it was somethign pretty big.

Turns out Issac was riding on the Cabota with my dad like he usually does.  While they were getting dirt they noticed one of his toy cars in the driveway.  Issac decided he wanted to ge tit now rather than waiting till later.  He waited till Dad stopped the Cabota and climbed down.  While climbing down he caught his foot and tripped, landing with his forehead  to the pavement–which it looks like he cracked.  He got a huge goose-egg and some scrapes but other than the goose egg sticking 1/2 inch out from his head he was fine.  By the time I got over there it had already begun to go down, and he was smiling and playing and talking up a storm.

Photo of Issacs potential unicorn horn the next day as the swelling continues to recede.
Photo of Issac's potential unicorn horn the next day as the swelling continues to recede.