A Very Special Two Year Anniversary

A very important day snuck passed.  We knew it was coming but no body remembered the exact date.  We knew it was important but not so important that we wanted to find out the date.  Then yesterday I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet.  Rachel’s anti-seizure just in case meds were there and were severely out of date.  Over 2 years out of date.  And the date bought was February 2007–and I picked them up immediately following a short seizure and never needed them again.

A few days after she got home from the hospital after first known major seizure (we now believe she had more previously that we didn't recognize). She doesn't remember this time at all.

Two years and 1 month ago Rachel had her final seizure.  It has been 2 years since we talked to her neurologist that last time and told him we had no intention of trying out more drugs on her because of the Steven’s-Johnson’s syndrome and the severe danger that every medication put her in, despite the fact that he insisted we were putting her at risk for even more severe seizures by taking her off her meds.  It was then that he gave us the script for the medicine I just threw away, one to be given during a seizure, and we never needed it.  He told us then that if we could go 2 years without a seizure then she should be home free.  And here we are.

Still getting the SJS under control. (Tell tale sign--peeled skin around lips.)

Once we realized her triggers (mostly food allergy related) and the trouble with flashes of light and crt tv’s she was finished.  She still gets migraines occasionally but much less often and very seldom even gets an aura with that.  It is such an amazing difference and so wonderful and awesome.  And how I praise the Lord for His protection and help.

Taken a last month in the freaky Nordstrom fitting room--almost exactly 2 years after last seizure.