Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

  • Got a bit done on my design site (fixed pricing etc.) more to do but hands tired. Wii time. #
  • Weird–four separate incidences of 45-50 yr old males choking and assaulting wife/daughter #
  • ..arrests made within the last week in our area–just plain weird. #
  • Our house has been invaded by pillow fluff. My daughter bought it and then proceeded to strew it. It is driving me insane. #
  • Wiped–have been helping kids clean their rooms. #
  • Went to mom’s and made chocolate. Introduced baby brother to Tori Amos music. #
  • Told son we are getting Animaniac’s in the mail tomorrow through Netflix–his response? “I love you Mom!” #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-31:
    Friend’s daughter is here–have four kids SCREE.. #
  • Craving something we don’t have. No idea what but whatever it is we DON’T have it. #
  • Hubby playing Left4Dead, Issac getting REALLY into it. #
  • Tink it is time for me to play Harvest Moon. #
  • Bible done for the night–story of Deborah. #
  • Late to bed. Sigh. Night all. #
  • Christianunschooling Getting to Know MandyMom: Mandy is a homeschooling mom in Texas. Her pr.. #
  • I hate April Fools Day and try to avoid my computer that day because I hate being pranked. I know, I am no fun. #
  • Ordered new shoes for summer through Very nervous due to trouble with shoes and my RA. They are AWESOME! #
  • Need shower so can go shopping with Mom. Lack of motivation keeping me from standing up to go make it so. #

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