Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29

  • My husband just said, “I didn’t know they were maple trees. I’m kind of like a racist for trees–Kind of a tree-ist.” #
  • Cooking Mama is teaching my kids more recipes. Very cool. #
  • Feverfew tea is SO DISGUSTING but it is so good for this horrid migraine it is worth it. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28:
    shower=good idea. Washing blankets=good idea. Taking showe.. #
  • Kids bouncing up and down at the idea of unlocking some of the stuff in Animal Crossing that you need friend codes for. #
  • Yah! Got to play Animal Crossing with @beckfrogandtoad We are such geeks. šŸ™‚ Thanks Beck. #
  • Took a quick walk with my oldest–amazing how much faster now that she is as tall as I am. #
  • Hubby playing LEft4Dead on the Twentysided server. We are SUCH a geek family. AND we have NO social life irl.:) #
  • Was gong to make dinner, then got lazy and decided no. #
  • Looks like carrots and peanut butter, & cranberry brownies for dinner instead. #
  • Cranberry brownies–VERY greasy, and sugary, bad idea though they tasted good. #
  • Someone needs to do a good remix of this song: #
  • “All You Zombies” would be awesome if it had some depth to it. #
  • As hubby said when he walked in the room, “Holy 80’s Batman.” #
  • Guessing I need to go grocery shopping sooner rather than later. #
  • And we seem to be out of Sharkfin soup. #
  • And cased you missed the Sharkfin soup reference : #
  • Everyone in our family over 9 has a headache. Yah us. #
  • Made veggie sushi with Tempeh. Was a hit. #
  • Always overeat when we have sushi–very filling. #
  • Welcome to Chaos Central, your sanity has already left the station. Please wait patiently while we send someone to help you. #
  • Kids at church with Grandma and wont return until AFTER lunch! Oh the joy of time to work sans kids. #
  • Awfully tempting to go play Harvest Moon sans kids instead. #

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