Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

  • shower=good idea. Washing blankets=good idea. Taking shower while washing blankets=bad idea. #
  • Son labeling a volcano diagram while I work. #
  • My balance is crap today. Just fell off my chair trying to reach for something on the floor. Go me. #
  • Son watercoloring–wonderful for eye hand coordination. I am researching a php problem I am trying to figure out. #
  • Hubby now has a giant mega graphics card. #
  • New graphics card is THE AWESOME! #
  • Think I have solved the confusing problem I was having–have to wait till later to actually fix it though. #
  • Hmmm, problem more complex than first thought. #
  • Paintings in the show! Thanks @Marcia724 for taking me! It was great to meet you! #
  • Kids want to play “school” and want me to teach–um, I guess? #
  • My math-phobic 9 year old just did 20 double digit addition problems of her own free will with no fear–AND got them all right! Go Essie! #
  • Website DONE! Woohoo! Paintings done! Now to do the other website! #
  • REALLY looking for forward to my day off tomorrow. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27:
    Working on painting. #
    My husband loves me so much–H.. #
  • Picked up Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility for self and Cooking Mama for kids (will trade occasionally. :)) #
  • Waiting for girls to get off my new game so I can play. #
  • I am WAITING. Bad thing about Harvest Moon–beginning bit takes forever. #
  • Yah! Off to play my game. Later. #
  • Enjoying new game but think it is bed time. #
  • Oops–stayed up even more late. Night all. #
  • Up and at’tem. Girls both up and playing our new games (Rach has a headache.) Very glad Buddy stayed over night at Dad’s. #
  • So far this is the BEST Harvest Moon to date. (Part time job is a big help with saving.) Less competition at the getgo. #
  • Testing out Very fun and thinking I may like it better than igoogle. #
  • What is it about me, Saturday mornings, and testing out new software? #
  • Gorgeous morning here in Western PA–love beign able to step outside with my coffee and watch the crazy cars zoom by in our 35 mph zone. #

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