Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

  • Kids playing “school ” today, complete with large quantities of worksheets, lunch ladies, and tears due to unfinished tests. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24:
    Painting going slow. #
    Need to find my brains. #
    Think the.. #
  • Found a dress for Grandma, and the world rejoiced. #
  • Hubby and I just realized we both LOVED a 1 season only tv show from 88 that no one has ever heard of–Probe. #
  • And I found it on Youtube! #
  • I am so tickled–I STILL love that show. #
  • Hubby has new computer–realized that his video capture card (which he uses for making comics) is DEAD. researching new ones. #
  • Joshua walked around Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. #
  • Note to self–no painting when irritated or angry. Think cheerful happy thoughts and listen to cheerful happy music. #
  • Think I may have almost finished a painting–just needs some extra dark bits (read straight from the tube watercolors) and it will be there. #

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