Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23

  • Forgot how awesome working to R.E.M. is. #
  • Layout almost finished–now for some actual php stuff. #
  • Husband’s computer box died. So much for me finishing this project today. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-22:
    Now to get to work (after I put a load of laundry in.) #
    W.. #
  • Guess sinc eI am mostly done with this website I better get in gear with the paintings–4 to go. #
  • Started on the next site. Finished a painting (I think–not happy with it.) #
  • Uploading 2 years worth of posts to a website so I can organize it properly. #
  • Hubby tearing apart old computers with son. Fun times. #
  • Peace painting begun. #
  • Finished Deuteronomy tonight. #
  • That is enough. I am going to bed. Night all. #
  • Good morning world. I keep misplacing my coffee this morning. #
  • Work day–Issac helping Pappap tear down a fence. #
  • Listening to Radio Free Europe while working–gosh I love this song. #
  • Great Girl Genius quote: “If I let everyone I thought was an idiot die-there wouldn’t be many people left.” I want that on a shirt. #
  • Oh, #
  • Painting time. Not happy with this one either. Coding and painting DO NOT use the same par of my brain and therefore should NOT be mixed. #

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