Twitter Updates for 2009-03-16

  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-15:
    Watching hubby play Left 4 Dead–WOW, zombies move FA.. #
  • Kids playing outside in shorts–it is 57 degrees. I am avoiding the computer and reading a book. #
  • Handed 7 yr old giant pile of packing boxes and shoe boxes. He is happily building tower after tower in living room and knocking them down. #
  • Read Deuteronomy 11-13 Kids drew pictures and took notes–on their own, because they wanted to. #
  • Massive hiccups, again. #
  • Awake, cleaned kitchen, borrowing sons computer in kitchen–hubby is sleeping in the office due to insomnia + work. #
  • really, really need to get this kid an LCD monitor–or an Eee PC. #
  • Loving my son’s keyboard–may snag it for myself. #
  • Hubby awake–moving to office. #

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