A Newsy Sort of Post of the Rambly Type

First I want to apologize for the Twitter update thing.  I may keep using it but don’t feel you HAVE to read it, it is just there as a record for myself–I use Twitter to note when I work, when the kids do interesting things, AND when I have trouble with my RA.  The log on my blog helps me look over things.  I wish I could set it so it was only after so many tweets or just when I want it to or something but I have 2 choices–weekly or daily and for the time being I have it set for daily.

If you have been reading my tweets you will know that I have been out of commission.  I did too much on Friday and then Saturday, the weather changed seriously with lots of moisture in the air, AND I was having serious hormonal issues which meant that I ended up on crutches several times this weekend (due to the RA) and then (also due to the RA which causes swelling around the heart and lungs and therefore exhaustion very similar to severe iron deficiency) I spent the next several days with barely the energy to hold up a book.  You know the feeling you have after you have been sick a nice long time, really, really sick, and then you are finally better enough to take a shower, and after you have taken that shower you are so wipe out you would willingly  sleep for a week–yup, that was me.

This means that, having managed a visit to my brother who has tons of books I have not read of the sort I like to read, I spent the last few days READING.  Since Sunday I have read 2 Harry Potters (2 and 3–I had already read 1, which I hated, and 4 which I thought was better than 1), and Ender’s Shadow (because I loved Ender’s Game).  I have a nice big pile of more books to read here so will likely plow through those in the next week or so.

Our car is working again, kind of, which is how I managed to visit my brother to get the books, and then drive on Monday to visit my poor, neglected grandmother who lives 45 minutes away and whom I have not been able to visit for nearly 2 months because of our Southern belle of a car (it hates winter)–I should say that the kids did most of the visiting–I took a long nap while there.  I say the car is kind of working because the fuse that makes the windows and door locks work is dead (it seems to have a short–which we now suspect is why the car kept dying–stupid, stupid car.)  So, it can be driven, but now I can’t put windows down or auto-lock the doors and since the AC doesn’t really work I need to get that fixed before summer.  I SO look forward to getting someone to track down not one, but 2 and maybe 3 shorts–since we also have a short in the overhead light AND in the little lights that tell you when the battery is low.  Stupid car, stupid car, stupid car. At least it is running, and Grandma gave us a bit towards getting it fixed, which we will attempt to do once we get the taxes done.

Another interesting note: we have a new mail man.  Wouldn’t be so interesting except that he is rather an unorganized mail man.  He likes to mix things up.  Literally and figuratively.  Unlike all the other mailmen we have had this one doesn’t like a schedule.  He likes to change things up every few days.  Which means that while we have been getting our mail at about 10:30 since we moved here and my mom, who is on the same route, has been getting her mail at 3:30ish for 34 years suddenly we get our mail anywhere from 9:30 through 5:00 and who knows when it might actually come.  This in and of itself would not be a big deal except that our new mailman ALSO likes to mix things up in reality.  We are not getting a lot of our mail but we are getting other peoples–other people who live in other parts of town and not even on our street.  We are getting mail for people who have not lied here in 10 years and for people who just have the same house number.  This wouldn’t bug me too bad except that we are not getting OUR mail except for sales fliers–which means we have multiple checks that are not here that should be, or maybe should be, it is kind of hard to tell.

The funny thing about the mailman thing is that we had another new mailman recently.  He was very organized but not very nice.  People complained about him so we got a new one.  And this one is VERY friendly, and talkative (we are on a drive-by sort of route and he will happily chat even though we live on a major highway and it is not the wisest thing to sit parked along the side of the road when big trucks come down our 35 mph hill at 75mph), he is just not very good at his job.  I guess you can’t have everything and I do feel bad for the guy.  I am not very organized either, but then again, I am NOT a mailman.