Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

  • Kids playing outside, in shorts and t-shirts. Did I mention it is 57? Umm, my kids are crazy. #
  • Putting snow things in a bin where they can still be easily gotten but are no longer hanging in the hall (or lying on the floor.) #
  • Brrr, it is COLD in the basement. #
  • Someone has made my children completely insane. #
  • Was wondering what was irritating me, then I realized I had the Chicken Dance stuck in my head! Ack! #
  • Pondering my next painting. #
  • rt my 9 yr old daughter: I’m listening to disco and doing the robot dance #
  • She isn’t, not really, she is just being silly. #
  • It must be spring the Canadian Geese are coming through. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-07:
    Had something else I really wanted to get done while the w.. #
  • Seem to have begun on gentleness painting. #
  • Hubby is dancing with the chickiboos to Weezer. It is too sweet. #
  • Okay, Pork and Beans turned into a Shiny Happy People sort of dance. Son ran away. #
  • I think Pork and Beans is my new theme song. Gosh I love Weezer. #
  • Painting soap bubbles in watercolor=tricky business. #
  • Car STARTED!!!!!Woohoo! (First time since January. Stupid Southern car.) #
  • Taking our possessed car over to Dad’s to see if we can figure out the fuses (doors won’t lock /windows won’t open.) #
  • Looks like a short was causing the car trouble and now the fuse is dead (and keeps dying) which is keeping the car running–we think. #
  • Managed to get a nice sunburn today–it was cloudy and we were working on the car in the shade. Go figure. #
  • Managed to mess up my ankle–actually left side joints. Stupid joints. Can’t walk. #

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