25 things (totally random as they come out of my brain which is really more like stream of consciousness writing)

Yesterday I received an email from a friend who asked me what I liked.  This is funny because I have been rereading the Mitford series and always identify with Cynthia Coppersmith (lets see: she illustrates children’s books which I desperately want to do, she is very optimistic–which I am to a fault–ask my pessimistic hubby, and she loves many things and is occasionally asked what she doesn’t like which then proceeds to list– and I listed a ton of things I like and don’t like in my response to my friend which made me think of her.)  And then I have recently rejoined the Facebook community–because that is where all the local people I grew up knowing hang out–our class doesn’t really do Class Reunions they hang out on Facebook (and I HATE Facebook but am forcing myself to use it anyway.)  And ALL of that combined is why I am doing this silly 25 things meme from Facebook, well that and the fact that I have been working CONSTANTLY and have way more work on my plate than I can easily do in a day and am therefore avoiding doing any of it by doing this instead.

  1. I LOVE the sun and seldom wear sunscreen.  Sunscreen is evil and makes me break out in a massive rash unless I buy one specific and very expensive brand.  Instead  I wear long sleeves and a big hat when I need to.  I NEED sunlight (hubby says I photosynthesize .)  I adore sitting in front of a sunlit window much like a cat and recently moved my drawing desk  and computer desk so I can do that very thing.
  2. I am very light skinned and burn easily–thus the need for hat and long sleeves.  I also freckle and in summer am quite polka dotted.
  3. I do not produce heat, at least not efficiently.  Hubby points out that this is because I am obviously cold blooded and thus my need for sitting in sunlight to get warm.  This is also why I constantly wear hats.
  4. I wear a black leather beret for most of the winter because I like it and look goo din a black leather beret–not because I am an artist  and am being the stereotype.  And if I can’t find it then I wear a black fleece beret.  And if I can’t find that then I wear one of my kids hats.  Oh, and fingerless gloves.  And socks and slippers–even though I HATE socks and would happily live barefoot if I could.
  5. I wear a long black skirt most of the summer–I own several all cotton.  And most of the winter I am found bundled up in jeans and multiple layers of tops with a hoodie on top of it all.
  6. I like to keep life simple.  I hate baggage and worrying about what others think so I stopped doing it.  This is one of the reasons I try to keep my closet fairly empty and make sure I only keep what I wear and what will fit.  I often go through our house and send huge garbage bags of stuff to the thrift shop.
  7. I also like to throw out meaningless traditions and stick  only to hose things that have purpose and meaning.  Meaningless ones bug me.  And people who stick to things that are pointless and broken bug me.
  8. I struggle with having a bad attitude about people who bug me.
  9. I passionately love freedom–freedom in Christ,  the freedoms defined in the Constitution, the freedom to be who God created me to be and to help my kids and husband become who God created them to be, and people who are rule mongers or try to take away that freedom bug me.  See 8.
  10. I like being home all day with my husband and kids.
  11. I sit an arms length away from my husband in our home office even though it is a 12 by 14 room.  We both like being close enough to reach out and touch.
  12. I love that my kids are interested and learning without me fighting with them to learn all day.  I love watching their eyes light up when something clicks and when they come and tell me all about what they have done and learned on their own without my help even though I could have told them tons more and helped them avoid multiple mistakes.  I love it because I know that this way THEY will remember it and it is their own instead of mine being forced on them.
  13. I love our way of life.  It is simple, relaxed, peaceful, and I love that our kids play together and love each other.
  14. I love how God has provided so that we CAN be together all day, have enough to live on, and not too much so that we get selfish and horrid.
  15. I don’t like selfish people.  Selfishness bugs me.  See 8.
  16. I am still working on loving others even when they bug me.
  17. I drink too much coffee.
  18. I eat one piece of dark chocolate for breakfast every morning along with some dried cranberries and almonds so I can take my RA supplements and be able to move each day.
  19. I love dragons, especially cute ones and Chinese ones.
  20. I adore anime and manga and the only reason I do not own way too much of both is I hate spending money on such things especially when a manga lasts me about 15 minutes.
  21. I love to read and borrow books constantly from my baby brother because I especially like reading young adult science fiction and fantasy and so does my brother.  I also love turn of the century young adult books.
  22. I read fast and am picky about what I read so I reread old favorites when I can’t find anythng else: I have read most of C.S. Lewis’ works at least 4 times through, Tolkien at least 20 times, the Bible at least 7 times, Jan Karon’s books at least 4 times, Neil Stephenson’s books at least 4 times, L.M. Montgomery’s books at least 10 times.
  23. I do not like Harry Potter not because I have issues with the topics–I have issues with her writing.  It just doesn’t hold up to the classics I enjoy.
  24. I do not like most Christian fiction books–I can’t think of a single one I enjoy though I will occasionally read Christian non-fiction.  I am especially partial to John Elderidge’s books (and his wife’s.)  Not only do those book sspeak to me where I am  but they quote many of my favorite authors for the very reasons I love those authors and stories.
  25. I love books and long for walls and walls of shelves full of books.  The library makes me happy–if I can’t stay at home then the library is the next place I would like to be.  Unless of course it is a beautiful day and I have my paints and a good book and then I would prefer to be at the pond.