Quick update

As you may have guessed I have been super busy, which is why I am not posting much.

I did several paintings and forgot to take photos of them. (one for the art show, another for a friend.)

I have been working on a new web page for a ministry, which is done and now I am waiting for the transfer of the domain name, which means once again I am hurrying up and waiting. Doing the new site meant learning the changes both in WordPress 2.7 AND the new Sandbox theme (which is what I use for my base theme when designing.)

The kids have been incredibly active what with playing in the snow and ice skating, and I have been ice skating along with them.

I have also spent some time working with the kids at giving the house a good clean and rearranging several rooms. (The office is almost done being rearranged, I hope.)

I am making an Ubuntu machine to use as a home server for our websites plus a backup machine for all our photos and other things.

More stuff has been going on like our car battery dying, again–it hates winter. So now, no car, which means less running but more going when someone else is going out.