Growing up

This brought tears to my eyes because today has been  “one of those days” and it isn’t even 11:30 yet.  And instead of a 2 year old  dressing up in her daddy’s t-shirt it is a nearly 11 year old dressing up to go to the store and unable to find exactly what she is looking for, and instead of a 4 year old with peanut butter and honey in her hair it is a 9 year old refusing to shower and comb her very long hair but insisting she wants it long and then coming down with her freshly washed hair in jeans and a t-shirt and boots and looking way too old, and instead of my baby boy climbing into the dishwasher in order to “help” it is a very grown up 7 year old, 9 year old, and 11 year old doing their chores without a word from me.  And here I am angry because they have been begging for a “day at the library” and are fussing because I have to include a trip to the store and to the bank with it and they don’t want to go.  Once upon a time  I HAD to take them with me and bundle them all up against the snow, put them in and out of car seats, and chase them around the stores (unless I buckled them all in the buggy some how), and now this.  It made me realize that a lot of my upset at how things were going today was not so much what they were doing but how grown up they are being.