A Little Bit Sick and a Whole Lotta Snow

I have been feeling a little bit sick–bit of a fever, a bit achy, a bit stuffy, etc. Not enough to stop doing everything but enough that I am sleeping a lot and enjoying comfort foods and activities, like this:

Comfort stuff
Tea with home grown mint, rice pack, Trader Joes garlic noodle soup, wii mote.

And this:

Animal Crossing
Animal crossing--our family comfort activity. More on that another time. I really want to go into it sometimes--this game helped my kids learn to read, understand stock market, money, etc., etc. etc. if you are looking for one game with lots of learning opportunities I recommend it, if you are looking for two I would also suggest Harvest Moon.

Which is just fine because of this:

Lots and lots of snow which the kids are enjoying heartily.

With all this snow everything is canceled anyway (the kids didn’t go to Sunday school with my in-laws since it was canceled) and the roads are empty (this is actually not a great shot of it–there was much, much more. My wonderful dad came and dug us out–there was no way I was going to try to shovel this stuff.

My dad cleaning driveway. which, prior to a bit of rain (which makes snow HEAVY) was about a foot deep.