Impromptu Blog Break

I am stopping in to let you all know the obvious, I seem to be on an extended break.  The combination of running, preparing for Christmas, junk food, extra activity of the sorts I know to avoid, and weird weather has brought on a pretty intense RA attack (strangly enough this time it is mostly in my jaw, face, hips and back instead of my “normal” spots of hands, knees, and ankles.)  Instead of doing all that NEEDS to be done after Christmas I am spending my time reading a lot of blogs (though not commenting–my hands aren’t bad but they are stiff and making lots of typos) I am spending my time playing My Sims (the kids new game) and soon MY new game–Animal Crossing City Folk.  I am also pondering the upcoming year and the projects that I already know it involves (a new selling site for my art, several jobs I need to do but whicih are not time sensitive, among other things.)  And so I leave you with some not so great photos fromChristmas day (my Christmas present is on its way –a new camera).