Christmas photos

Spent today in Pittsburgh with my mom for her doctors appointment, a trip to Trader Joes,  then wandering around Pittsburgh Mills Mall looking at random things.  What started as looking at some dresses because they were on sale turned into a search for Christmas outfits for all three kids at JCPenny’s (their Christmas outfits were 70% off and hubby called and told me that his check had come.)  And then when we got home and someone mentioned a free 8×10 from Walgreens (you can still get  it if you order through then say you want to pick it up at Walgreens and use the code WALFREE (just today and tomorrow) , and then again if you order directly from (upload then use code freegift) and so I decided the kids needed to WEAR their Christmas outfits so I could take their picture.  Which was all right, except that for some reason our camera HATES our living room–there is NEVER enough light and when there is it speckles everything yellow.  It doesn’t do that in any other room and I had plenty of light (in fact, the camera thought I did and as soon as I went to take the picture it was too dark–remember I can’t use flash because of Rachel.).  I just don’t get it.  Sigh.  Anyway, I got one nice photo and 73 duds. 🙂  Above are the duds and below is the final decent shot. 🙂