Lots of stuff going on

Once again I am writing to say I am SO busy!  I am liking the new Wordprss but am barely having time to even look at it.

  • Have been helping mom make chocolates for Christmas presents–which is now done.
  • Have been working on a painting for my bil’s Christmas present–a painting he requested.
  • Have been running here and there doing all sorts of running around that has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Christmas other than wanting to get it done before Christmas.
  • Have been spending a lot of time training the kids in their respective jobs which help to keep the house clean–Wiper wipes everything off, picker-upper picks up everything, sweeper sweeps.  Thing is they don’t notice that those things need done and we switch weekly so they are still each learning to SEE.
  • Have been working on several web pages for people, and getting a bit behind (and just remembered something I  was supposed to look at last night and forgot.)
  • Have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone.  I don’t know why but I have, planning this, planning that, planning the other thing I guess.
  • Have been short of words.  My brain is in logic mode, trying to stay organized and planning, and so I have not been very creative which means nothing to write and what little creativity I have is going into the painting (I hope.)
  • Have NOT been taking photos.  I don’t do flash photography due to Rachel’s seizures and so when it gets dark outside all the time and I don’t have decent light I don’t take photos.
  • Have had God thing after God thing happening but have no words so have not been sharing them.  I do plan on sharing them but am still digesting a lot of them and figuring out what some of them mean to me and how I am supposed to respond.  For the first time ever we have enough and more than enough and God is supplying our needs above and beyond, which feels odd since so many are complaining of lack.
  • And I guess that is all.  The kids have been very busy with numerous things, lots of playing out in the snow and movies, lots of writing and making, I do want to write about spelling soon but not yet.  Looking forward to the new year when my brain gets clear and the house gets clear and everything gets simpler.