New Glasses

I finally got my order from today.  It took a lot of faith to buy my glasses online (bifocals with severe estigmatism correction) but the fact that we couldn’t afford new glasses otherwise (especially since last time, 5 years ago, they cost me almost $400) meant we went for the gamble.  I did my best with the prescription and because the prices was so cheap went ahead and ordered a spare pair that were regular, without the bifocal.  For $80 I got bifocals with two magnetic sunglasses and 1 pair of regular glasses.  I was so nervous and kept praying they would work, and they did.  They are both awesome!  I am not sure if the prescription is 100% correct–my old ones were so scratched and cracked that these feel incredible!

Please pardon the deer in the headlights look–not so great at taking photos of self and the children were in the background doing things I was trying to ignore while getting a decent photo of the new glasses. 🙂image14

The gold rimmed bifocals.image27

Red half frames.  I ahve wanted red glasses for AGES!