Simple Woman’s Daybook Nov. 10

For Today… November 10, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window… Is a ground covered in golden leaves and snowflakes.
I am thinking… that I am glad the car is finally in to be repaired–have been nearly two weeks sans car waiting for this appointment.
From the learning rooms… The kids went on a math kick and did a whole slew of math problems is a variety of math books.  They have also gotten into The Voyagers! through Netflix.  We also did a craft show on Sat. where the kids took wares that they had bought materials for and sold.  They did better than mom or I.
I am thankful for… My hat and fingerless gloves–brrr.
From the kitchen… Kids are drinking homemade hot cocoa and eating cocoa wheats.
I am wearing… My Needs more cowbell hoody, jeans, slipper socks, ankle  boots, grey fingerless gloves, and my fleece beret.  Brr.
I am reading… tweets, blogs, and the Bible (sounds like a book name doesn’t it. :))  No books going on right now as I have not had a car to go get any.

I am hoping… that the mechanic will be able to fix everything on the car for relatively cheap.  He is awesome and a problem solver who likes to do things the best and cheapest way insea of the expensive way.  I really like this guy and he does good work.

I am creating.. a pile of blog posts (my poor blog has been neglected) some more Christmas cards, a bunny painting.
I am hearing… the kids eating (ding, ding as their spoons hit their bowls.)  The fan (hubby likes a fan blowing to drwon out noise.)
Around the house… relatively clean other than the kitchen which got backed up because the dishwasher wasn’t functioning properly–all fixed (cleaned it out).
One of my favorite things… fingerless gloves.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

Not much planned–clean the kitchen, get to Frankferd Farms when we get the car back.  Should post some more Christmas cards to Etsy.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…