Lean-to building

Part of the time we spent at the cottage was spent in the woods building forts, lean-tos and other primitive homes.  My brother (off school due to a teacher’s strike)  helped the girls out while Issac found sticks to use in building.

To start you go into the woods (wearing bright clothes if it is huntiong season–the next day they were all wearing bright orange), find a good tree to lean branches against, and find as much dead wood in the right length as you can find.

If you can’t find two trees with a fallen tree across you can use vines and make your own.

Gather more, and more, and more.  Use a hatchet to chop what you can’t get because it is too big.

Lay it in the above pattern.  You can then cover it with branches with leaves or pine  or even a tarp.  You can also add sides and another lean-to to make a roof–at least in theory.  We didn’t get that far.:)  We did have lots of fun though.