Looks like my little bloggy break is going to extend a few more days.  Today we put the trim up and go get the futon style couch we found for a decent price and which my grandma gave us money for. 

Issac’s birthday was yesterday (we don’t do parties–too complicated with our divided family, instead we do special days out and a cake and presents.)  Kids cleaned their rooms yesterday and Issac is upstairs trying out his new erector set from grandma and grandpa.  Have I mentioned that my baby is 7?

Also Rach has been struggling because she has 3 teeth coming in.  For most kids this is not a problem but she is more likely to get sick when teeth come in (an infected molar coming in was part of the problem when she had her first seizure 2 years and 2 days ago, the Ibuprofen I was giving her and the pink and yellow icing were the actual culprits and the initial triggers of her SJS but it started with a molar.)  Because of the time of year and the abundance of triggers for her right now (cinnamon which is everywher in the fall, apples, leaf burning, not to mention the work we have been doing on the house) plus the teething we have been haivng to be vERY careful lest she end up with an attack of the SJS and then a seizure.   It has been a rough couple weeks around here but God is good and she is doing pretty well. (This is why I don’t talk about it a lot–very complicated to explain, potentially deadly, but if you elimnate the triggers easy to live with, fo the most part.)

There is much more going on, lots of craziness, plus our guests coming tonight but God is SO GOOD and has provided in so many ways.  It is amazing and I would love to share except my da is going to call in a few minutes and I need to get ready to go.

*Photos from yesterday, Issac’s b-day.  Pictures of the house and the work done coming soon.)