Still here

Really.  The floor is down but still painting and preparing the walls for new trim (with new flooring the old trim of course looked dingy and dinged, whcih  it was , which meant that of course we needed to put NEW trim down.)  Between painting trim, spending several days laying flooring,keeping our local hardware stores in business with all our projects, and doing some paintings for Etsy stuff I have been BUSY.

Yes, you will see pictures, once we finish.  Which hopefully will be soon because I have this week off and am probably working extra next week AND Sunday is Issac’s 7th birthday AND we just got an email from old friends whom we haven’t seen in 6 years who will be in town and need a place to crash while their daughter looks at a local college–on MONDAY.

Not to mention that several domains and sites I host needed renewed etc..

Trying very hard to stay calm but I can’t find  anything in all the moving things about, we have guests coming on MONDAY and no furniture in the living room and no clean rooms for them to sleep in because I have been focusing on keeping the living room and hall clutter free so we can work, and I keep setting down my coffee and losing it. 🙂  Prayers welcome.  Pictures later once the chaos has lifted a bit. 🙂  Oh, and I did take a few that have the floor in them, or at least one–you can see it out the door in the top photo in my post over at 🙂 It looks better in real life. 🙂