Tuesday Prompt

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.

This weeks question is: 10/7–What is your favorite color, on what thing??

This was actually a trick one since I LOVE red passionately for most things, and love royal blue for many others, and love dark green for others still but when it comes to clothes I prefer black. 🙂  If I could do my house how I wanted and not considering others or potential future buyers it would be deep dark colors like in my favorite movie Amelie or in Nanny McPhee.

The goal of Tuesday prompts is to force myself to be creative even when I don’t feel like it.  You can join in too, regardless of your creative media–in other words you can use the prompt to write about it, poet-icize it, draw it, sculpt it, photograph it, whatever your fancy.  I figure there are 52 weeks in a year, so that is 52 Tuesdays to get creative.    I am listing the prompts now (through the new year–if it goes well and continues I will add more later) so if you like to work ahead you can or if you prefer to wait till the last minute you can, whatever. Some of the prompts are serious, some of them are silly, some of them are impossible.  The point is, get creative. If you do it leave yours in the comments so others can check it out.