Quick check in

Things have been crazy.  After the kids and I got the carpet pulled up I painted the living room eith the paint my mother-in-law provided which meant that Rachel can’t be at home until the fumes diminish.  This means she and I have been sleeping over at my dad’s cottage for the last few nights–furnished asnd refinished but no hot water and no internet. 🙂  We are heading back there tonight because she is still reacting a bit and it got too cold to keep the house opened up.  I have also been working (while Rach stays at various family members houses duing the day).  My boss’s hard drive died, then the secondary one went meaning I have spent several days backing things up and getting things set up on the new hard drive. I have also had to wash and put out winter clothes as the temps dropped suddenly into the 50’s.  It looks like Sunday we will be getting our flooring from IKEA and next week we will be installing it.  I am hoping that tonight is our last night away but who knows at this point.

I have barely been home for more than a few hours at a time for the last few days and am not sure if that is going to change soon.  God is good and is providing but boy is it exhausting. 🙂