I Had a Post

Last night, before I fell asleep I had a post, an idea fully formed based on some things I had read and which was wonderful in my pre-sleep mind. Of course this morning it is all but completely gone and I only have a vague notion of what it was.

Which is probably good since I am trying to remove two rooms worth of furniture and random stuff from our living room and hall to other parts of the house in ways that are livable, in case this project takes longer than expected–which is what always happens. We are preparing to lay laminate flooring, which means I have to take up the carpet before hand, which means I need to get the furniture out of the rooms and find places for Rachel to be while I take up the carpet since the reason we are taking up the carpet is her severe allergy to it. Plus I am trying to fix a very broken computer, and I have to work on Sunday–we have an appraisal day, which is going to be filmed for an Antiques Roadshow style show (I am going along as moral support and researcher so am not likely to be on tv). There is so much going on that it is hard to focus long enough to write a decent post let alone think through a good one. πŸ™‚

Please be praying that the timing on all this goes well–so much of it is completely out of my hands though God is providing right and left in wonderful ways and I cannot complain. Not only has he provided help for the laying, but also from various sources extra parts that are needed for laying the flooring, from Freecycle (including someone wanting our old carpet) and from family. God is very much in control and I need to trust Him on the timing as well.