As you probably know, we home church.  It is a long story how we got to this place but it is definitely where God has us and He is blessing it greatly.  (Several of you have asked me to explain what our home church looks like–I will, God willing, do that next Sunday.)

For a time my husband and I were concerned about our lack of joining together with others.  We long to be with like-minded individuals who know Him, love Him, and understand and accept the place God has us, while helping us and allowing us to help them grow beyond where we all are.   This article by Seth Barnes explains very well what God has convicted both of us of and what we long for.

It is amazing to me how God is answering this particular need in our lives.  He has not provided people locally (aside from our own immediate family with whom we have grown much closer through our home church experience ) but He is providing them globally.  He has been slowly drawing together a community of believers online–people who are searching for others who “get” what God has shown them, who know what it is to be on the fringe of the accepted ways of doing school and church, who have been called to set themselves apart in this peculiar (to the worlds point of view) way.  I hope someday to meet these wonderful people in real life but for this time and in this season this is enough and it is a blessing.  For the time being He is growing our group over at as well as other places.  He is providing beautifully, even if it seems untraditional and to some outright wrong.  But since God is never wrong and this is the place He has us I will continue to stay wher eHe has put me and mine and trust Him to see it out.

And I should note that this ties in perfectly with todays Sunday Praise Doodle which you can find here.