This is my life.

My baby brother was born when I was 18.  No he is NOT my son, I didn’t get pregnant and hav emy first child until 6 years later.   However, I was dating my now hubsand at the time and we often discussed my parents’ parenting styles and since we often babysat my baby brother and since I was going to college for education and special education, we had rather strong opinions on why he did what he did and how to handle it.

Namely, my baby brother would say something 20 times when he wanted your attention.  We were both sure it was because everyone was always busy and didn’t listen to him the first time.  We determined that we would NOT allow that to happen to our children.

And we haven’t, and yet here we are with a third child, a boy child, who looks EXACTLY like his uncle did at that age (10 years ago) and who has the same mannerisms, and who REPEATS HIMSELF CONSTANTLY.  It drives us both insane.  Especially since we have tried to keep the ignoring thing from happening.

Issac: Mommy.

Mommy: Yes?

Issac: Mommy? Mommy.  Mommy!

Mommy: Issac I already answered you, what do you want?

Issac: Mommy?  Mommy, can I have a ….?

Mommy: Sigh.

My only hope is knowing that my baby brother did grow out of it.