Grand Opening!

I finally have the Christian Unschooling site open for the public.  There are multiple writers, some unschooling, some relaxed home schoolers, some eclectic, but all Christian.  We are all pretty laid back so updates won’t be daily or consistent so I advise you to read in a feed reader. 🙂  Also if you are a Christian unschooler, relaxed or eclectic home educator and have some posts you think may fit, or want to write regularly let me know, I am still looking for more writers.  We are trying to creat4e a community of likeminded families and would love to have you join in.  Click the image to check it out.

I also have much running still going on, here and there and everywhere, and the kids are busy writing books (really) and reading books, and building houses for webkinz, and playing at the pond, and I have so many pictures and stories to share that I am nearly bursting.  Hopefully I will have time to really post soon but right now both girls are longing for my attention–they have penpal letters they want to send a movie they want to watch.  So off I go.