Still going

Things are still going totally insanely crazily busy. 🙂  I don’t really know when it will settle down but here is just one small example which occurred yesterday.

Ended up going to IKEA again yesterday–we were  missing several parts of the sort that I couldn’t just get them online–I had to drive the hour and half to get there.  Asked my MIL to go with us (took all 3 kids because one had been there and the others wanted to go.)  No matter how hard I tried I could not leave any earlier than we did–everything was working against me.

My MIL, Rach, and I spent an hour wandering around the showroom looking at ideas while the younger two played in the play area.  When an hour was up we went to the food court to eat.  While eating I heard my name.  Would you believe that the same friend from college that I ran into at Trader Joes a month ago (which is half an hour away from IKEA) was there, having a coffee while her son played in the play area and waiting to meet her husband so they could go camping!  I hadn’t seen her in 11 years and now I see her in two very different locations, both an hour or so away from my house, and now she is about to get internet access so we can email and maybe even set up times to meet in stead of this random stuff.:)  Very cool.  God’s timing is perfect, even when I complain about it.:)