Tuesday Prompt 1

Today’s prompt: Walk in the next room, look at the tallest thing there, what is under it?

In my case the tallest thing in the next room is the book case and underneath are books and games, which made for a challenging doodle (I usually don’t draw or paint things of that nature, especially with no people involved plus under the bookcase is always a mess which makes it extra interesting.) (Sorry for the poor image quality–I was lazy and didn’t try to get good lighting, and did it late in the evening.)

So what is under your tallest thing?

If anyone wants to join in you can add a link in the comments if you want to give it a try.  Remember this is just to get creative, regardless of your artistic/creative outlet.  You can write about it, paint it, doodle it, sculpt it, write a poem about it, whatever suits your fancy–the goal here is not to be flummoxed by it but to get creative and inspired.  Take it how ever you like, do it or imagine it, whatever you do, have fun with it.

You can find the list of prompts here if you want to take part next week.