Daybook August 18


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is the beginning of a scorcher, after a few weeks of 70 degree highs.

I am thinking…that maybe I am getting in over my head by joining  “Artists” tend to look down on those they feel don’t represent “true” art–I know because I look at my own work and feel that it isn’t what I want it to be as an artist, as an illustrrator it is fine, but the word “artist” and the culture attched, nope it doesn’t fit.  The art field is not  a sweet and gentle place and I am nervous to be shoving my nose in someplace where I feel I cannot quite fit in.

I am thankful that…the weather has shifted requiring the ac to be on–my joints are so much happier now.

From the kitchen…is a mess waiting to be dealt with.

I am wearing…my workout clothes–hubby woke me early this morning so we could walk together–this is what we do in the fall and is one of my favorite things.

I creating…a just for fun comic of what I was ding 10 years ago, for a meme of sorts,  a illo for my book, some more decorating ideas for my girls’ roo with their two very different tastes.  (The good news is we found quilts they both love that match perfectly–bad news is they are $40 each and hubby and I REALLY need a new quilt.)

I am going…to celebrate my and my husband’s birthdays this week. 🙂

I am reading…nothing–still need to get to the library, last weeks book was a propaganda filled dud.

I am hoping…to get out with hubby sans kids this week.

Around the house…relatively clean (vacuumed yesterday.)

One of my favorite things…Is time to paint WITH my music on.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Knock some things off the to-do list I have on the wipe-off board by my desk, the list is huge and I hate lists.  Plus I need to make some money as I have a few things that really want to buy, plus I know what I want to get the girls for birthdays and Christmas and need to save money so I can get them.  Tomorrow I am planning to release a new personal meme, a cretive prompt of sorts, because I need one on Tuesdays and am not happy with the sort that others have out there, so stop by tomorrow to see what I have in mind.

Here is picture thought I am sharing