A God thing

Today we visited my grandmother, and on a whim the girls stayed with her and took a walk while my son and I drove the 30 minutes to Trader Joes–we were out of a lot. 🙂  We were supposed to go last week but that didn’t work out.

As my husband later pointed out, this was totally a God thing.

Issac and I wandered through the store, getting more than we planned because we kept finding cool things that Rach has been missing out on–like pot stickers, egg rolls, veggie sushi rolls, and so on.  We did manage to not buy too much suggary stuff (most of the cookies stayed out of the buggy:))

Finally we got in line and started to pack our bags (IKEA bags are AWESOME for this).  Behind me I heard, “Heather?!?”

I turned and saw a friend from college whom I haven’t seen since my wedding–11.5 years ago.  (I only had a few friends in college–four that I can think of and none of them did I stay in touch with when I left.) It turns out she lives near that Trader Joes and has a son whom she is considering unschooling.  I gave her my phone and website so hopefully we will be in touch, but how cool is that.