Drawing Class 9

Possible charcters for an upcoming book.

Once you practice putting it all together in a sketched skeleton you can begin to add shape.  Some artists sketch in circles and ovals for the belly, arms, hands, legs sop they have the general shape there before they add details.  Other artists add the drawing right on top of the skeleton.  It is up to you which you decide to use but I suggest you try doing it both ways.

Take a skeleton which is drawn VERY lightly–so you can easily erase it, and using light lines draw the general shapes .  For instance a belly is sometimes rounded and other times more rectangular.  Think of the drawings of children  who are just starting to draw–often they will draw hands that are a circle with 5 6, 7 or 10 lines coming out. 🙂  You want to think in terms of shapes in order to draw in this manner.

Take some time adding shape to your skeletons, try different shapes and see how they people turn out.