Art Lesson 8

We will, God willing, be out of town next week but I will try to get the lesson posted anyway.

For this week we are going to review all that you have learned then next week I will explain how to develop that into a full drawing.

When beginning, consider the age of the person you are drawing–if you want a small child the head is bigger in proportion to the body than a teen or grown up.

Next consider where the joints will show be, draw a very light skeleton, using ovals for shoulders and hips, all at the angle they would naturally occur.

When laying out the face, remember that the eyes are at the center, not at the forehead, or the nose–unless you are trying to exaggerate to make a point (for instance, drawing an ogre you may want all the facial features squished towards the bottom half, or drawing an elf the face may get spread upwards.)

Also keep in mind that, in general, a face is 5 eyes wide at the ears, and 7 eyes tall.  This will help you position the features on the face, even when you don’t have a face to look at when drawing.

Possible charcters for an upcoming book.

Review what we have learned and practice making sketches for various people using skeletons.