Daybook: July 21


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is a yard sale waiting for the right time to open.  It is supposed to rain and it got rained on  once already but I am intending, God willing, to open it as I can and hopefully get rid of some more stuff throughout this week.  I am determined not to worry about it–I figure yesterday two people stopped and bought stuff, including the dresser I was determined to get rid of and I wasn’t even open–so God can bring all the right people and get rid of my stuff in His time.

I am thinking…of all that I need to do this week if we are to go, God willing, on vacation next week.  It is still up in the air–lots of money issues that keep springing up (like the webserver payment being due and one of hubby’s pay checks not going through as expected and incurring fees for bouncing because of it–they say they will remove the fees when the check goes through–sigh.

I am thankful for…God’s timing.  It has been arough week and this one promises to be interesting but everything is falling into place and I am trusting in God’s faithfulness and omnipotence.

From the kitchen…a mess that needs dealt with before we leave.  We have a list (yes, I –the list hater, made a list of what needs done and it is hanging on the fridge so the kids know what to do.)

I am wearing…boys cargo shorts and my daughters tank–she hated it and put it in the yard sale and I thought it was cute and tried it on–it fits perfectly and is adorable.  Happy me.

I creating…a pile of dirty laundry.  With all that has been going on the laundry has gone undone and NEEDS finished before we leave.  I will probably do some paintings in there someplace this week but for now the laundry pile is my ulltimate creation.

I am going…to have to go to the library to return the Lord of the Rings cds the kids have finished and pick up the next for our trip.  Also, God willing, will take the  check to the bank today–if it comes, so we can sort out this financial mess we are in.  I hate this place–we have money, and more coming, and if people would pay when they say they will we would be fine.

I am reading…The Little Lame Prince to the kids.  I finished the stash I got from the thrift shop–which was dumb because now I have no books to take on vacation.

I am hoping…that it is God’s will that we take this vacation.  It is completely in His hands and He has some things to tie up before we can go.

I am hearing…the sound of the kids actually working on things on the list without temper tantrums, the fan, and my own typing on my newly returned keyboard (hubby borrowed it and left me with a stupid one that is famous because he wrote a post about it.  In fact the post got 81 comments!)

Around the house…is much work being fdone without whining and complaining.  I am happy.

One of my favorite things…a peaceful house, praise the Lord.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, car, back yard, laundry, yard sale, packing, library, bank,. etc

Here is picture thought I am sharing

My boy.