The good, the bad, and the money saving: Helpful sites

Several people have requested information about  what works for me and what doesn’t in the “homemade/ all natural/ frugal” house and body care products category.  (Say that ten times fast.)I was going to write it all out here, then I realized–wow, long list.  So, be prepared for a series. 🙂

I have tried practically everything out there that was cheap and made sense because money has ALWAYS been tight and throw food allergies in the mix and things get crazy.  In fact, when we got married we had budget of $10 a week for groceries/household/body products and that was in 1997–talk about getting by on a wing and a prayer.  At times we have been without washer, dryer, dishwasher, detergents, bath tubs, living room ceilings….yeah, long story, never mind. We have learned, by the grace of God, how to get by without everything but internet access and a computer (which my husband’s work depends on.:))

I thought I would start by sharing my favorite resource for this sort of thing: The Dollar Stretcher.

Sure, I have gleaned information off of many other sites, but I have been using The Dollar Stretcher since I discovered it in 1999.  The articles are sent in by many people so there are a wide range of ideas and suggestions: some are excellent–both frugal and healthy, some are cheap and horrible for you and the environment, and some are not nearly as frugal as they seem.  It takes some sifting but there are plenty of great ideas in there (and you can search by topic.)

I have also gleaned many ideas from my vintage housekeeping books–there are some crazy ideas in there but also a lot of keepers, the hints and tips pages of Family Circle and Woman’s Day, probably 1984-1992, classic children’s books and young adult novels, sheer necessity experimentation, as well as the following websites.

Keeper of the Home


Healing Foods Reference

Natural News

I have found these to be very good sources of information on healthy living as well as helps in finding ways to be frugal while doing it.