Our Completely unplanned 4th

I have mentioned before that we don’t really plan holidays, except some small traditions on the big ones.  The 4th was no different.  Hubby was sick, no one was taking anyone to the fireworks (we both HATE going to our local fireworks display–no bathrooms, 2 hours waiting to get out, 2 hours waiting for the fireworks to start, bugs everywhere, no thank you.)  We did have hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting which we ended up doing at my dad’s because he already had a good fire going with the 2 big trees the tree man cut down the day before.

Berry picking.

Cabota riding (it was off and in a safe place with Pappap looking on and constantly warning them.:))

Big cookie*  making–well, Rachel and I.

Fire works watching.

And lighting.

And more watching at Grandma’s house.

And then home to watch the neighbors fireworks from our backyard–can you say free, huge display well into the night?  And catching lightening bugs with uncle James.

And then inside to watch the rest of the fireworks on the Boston Pops (the only station we get), and to point out all the instruments in the orchestra, then to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor for the night.

*The big cookie flag recipe:

1 cake mix (we used trader joes)

1 egg

1T oil

3T water

Mix and bake at 325 for 20 minutes or until golden brown.  This also makes wonderful regular cookies, especially with chocolate chips.


You can use ready made icing or cream cheese–we used goat cheese mixed with vanilla, soy milk, and honey.  It tasted similar to cream cheese icing, really.

Add berries in flag shape.  Fight off kids, insisting on waiting until actual celebration time to eat it.  Fight off kids somemore.  Give in while waiting for hot dogs to cook only to realize that forgot paper plates or forks.  Insist again on weaiting.  Eat when return home in the wonderful AC. Done.