Daybook: Monday, June 30, 2008

Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

FOR TODAY, 6-30-08…

Outside My Window…is green, green, green.
I am thinking…that every single time I start to do something I find something else I need to do and then that gets interrupted by something else.  I am thinking I need some omega 3 and magnesium.  BRB.

I am thankful for...Rain, so I don’t have to water my flowers, coffee so I can stay awake, the ready availability of the Bible here in the USA, that it still speaks to us today, and God’s provision of a new drawing table (half off at the thrift shop) and the space to put it in.

From the kitchen... I hear the whirr of the now working dishwasher (I just spent an hour or so pulling gunk out of all its drains because the kids did a slapdash job with the dishes when I was out of town.)  Next time THEY clean it out.

I am wearing...a new top from the thrift shop–so thrilled at the whole extra long shirt trend that means t-shirts long enough for my long body are now available at the thrift shop, and my long black cotton skirt, and a headful of braids–the perfect summer hairstyle.

I am creating... a list (I hate lists) of all the projects I need to do this week–I need to finish laying out the large house painting I need to ship by the end of next month, need to do more bunny paintings for hubby, need to find the email of the lady who wanted me to illustrate her book (it disappeared when I lost my email archives 2 weeks ago.)
I am going... completely insane.
I am reading...too many books when I should be getting work done–last week I read at least 10.  This week my goal is to get my work done THEN read.
I am hoping... to get this painting laid out and painted by the end of the week, to write this weeks posts today so I can work straight through on the painting, and to get my house back in working order after the skanky dishwasher only washing part of the dishes all week.
I am hearing... rain and the fans–it is cool enough despite the 90% humidity to have the house open, and should be for the next few days.
Around the house... the kids are playing video games, reading books, eating.n
One of my favorite things...right now is having a new drawing table.  My old one is wonderful, and antique  but was too big and awkward for the office so is relegated to the basement.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: God willing I will paint, paint, paint, and draw some more, get the overdue library books dealt with and returned so we have a clean slate.  Talk my mom into taking a trip down to Trader Joes–an hour away.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...