Art Class 5

Well, I am still catching up but do have a lesson for you this week  (go ahead and post links to any drawings you have posted in the comments here and I will make a post of them after–I do have several but I know many people are on vacation or out of town and I don’t want to miss anyone who has posted theirs.)

This lesson is a kind of aside from the full body proportions we have been talking about.

One of the great things about doing a presketch skeleton is getting everything where you want it.  You will notice that in mine I added a few lines to the head which gave the head a three dimensional feel. 

There is another purpose to those lines.  Those lines divide the head into four quarters.

The horizontal one cuts it into two hemispheres like the equator does the earth.  The horizontal line is where you place the eyes and, if you move further out towards the sides, the ears.  In general, if you cut a person’s head in half at their eyes there is the same amount on top as there is below.  Above the line you place the eyebrows and hair.  And below, on the vertical line, is where the nose and mouth belong.

This week I just want you to practice drawing heads  (make sure you start with an egg shape–lots of people lop off the back of the head without meaning to.:))  Try using the vertical and horizontal lines to help you place the facial features.