Another Update

Update Wednesday: Yeah!  I am home!  God is good.  It was a good trip and now I am thoroughly exhausted.  I have TONS of emails in my inbox to answer plus stuff to do and all I want to do is sleep.  So, off to bed.  Thank you all for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for my friend, things are not all in place yet and she still has some concerns.

Update Tuesday: Yesterday we had a huge storm which knocked out all the electricity, including all the traffic lights, AND my car battery died (car has some issues).  All is good (definitely all God’s timing) but decided to stay another day, make sure the car is all right, and hopefully the electric will be back since all the traffic lights currently have traffic cops guiding the cars and with 6 lanes things are pretty crazy.

It is amazing seeing all God is doing here.  Lots of stories when I get back.

Monday: Well, things didn’t go as planned. My friend broke down an hour and a half out and ended up turning back–very long story. So, instead, I left hubby and the kids and headed to Virginia. And here I am, with no internet access (until just now), having the first vacation away from my kids ever, visiting with my friend, her two year old, and her dad.

Not sure exactly how long I am staying but it is amazing all that God is doing, not to mention how much Spanish I actually understand and remember. (She goes to a bilingual church and has many Mexican friends.:)) Lots of pictures–my camera is full but I can’t upload till I get back to my laptop–which I left at home.

If all goes as planned (planned is a very loose term here–God willing and God’s timing) then I will be heading back to PA on Tuesday morning, if you all wouldn’t mind praying that my car has no trouble (the radiator seems to be having issues but I have lots of water and coolant and all seems to be working out.)