Quick Update

Things are CRAZY here!!!!

Webkinz have been adopted and have taken up residence in our house.

VBS is making me crazy–but that is a different post that will have to waiti until i can’t write about VBS and Sunday school without ranting.

One of my closest friends (I frankly do not have a BFF, I have several best of their particular sort:)) is coming for a visit.  She is my best live-out-of-state-drop-by-for-a-weekend-suddenly-and-with-little-prior-notice friend.:)  She will get here at about 2 am with her 2 year old and stay for the weekend.  I have until then to child-proof the place and clean.  At least we have plenty of food and toys for a 2 year old.  (Expect lots of photos and a painting–because each year I do a painting of her and take TONS of pictures.:))

The house is still in shambles after our baby bunnies and yard sale and VBS 35 minutes from home each evening sort of week.

Need to get back to it.