As most of the people who read my blog know we are kind of an odd family–we are geeky, Christian, health conscious (in the eat organic and food allergies way), unschoolers, who work at home, and church at home.  It is hard to find people who “get” us in one of those areas, let alone in a few, and nearly impossible to find them who get all (and we notice that usually those who don’t “get” us are rather uncomfortable with our lifestyle and tend to want to  “fix” us.  This wouldn’t be a problem except that we are called, as Christians, to fellowship with one another and to not neglect meeting together. I have tried joining secular unschool groups and hanging out on regular Christian home school group–neither has worked out very well.

Finally, all in one day, just as my husband and I were discussing the need to find some sort of fellowship and my oldest asked if we were the ONLY Christians who unschooled I ran into THREE Christian unschoolers online AND found a Christian unschool forum and 2 Christian unschooling e-zines.  Woohoo!

First the e-zines and forums: (Christian unschooling forum) (e-zine) (e-zine)

Now for the blogs!

One of these wonderful ladies,Jena,  who has older children who are older than mine but the same distance apart has begun putting together a list of Christian unschoolers.

Here are some other like-minded ladies:









Updated to add two more:



I know there are more out there though I haven’t found them yet.  It is so good to know we are NOT the only ones!