Poor Sad Bunny gets a Story

I had originally planned to sell the painting of this little guy. When he first showed up that was all I could think to do with him.  I usually don’t paint stuffed animals.  Then I noticed that he kept popping into paintings and doodles–the little guy is everywhere and SO determined to be involved in everything I do.  Then hubby fell in love with him and requested that I NOT put him up for sale.

Not only did he not want me to sell the painting but he started writing him a story.  A sort of Milne-y/Dr. Seuss-y kind of story.  Have I ever mentioned that his father was a real, honest-to-goodness, published poet?  No?  Well he was and hubby has a huge portion of that same spirit plus being incredibly FUNNY. Oh my goodness, so very, very funny.

So, our little bunny is getting a great little story to go with him.  And each painting is leading to another stanza of the poem and another painting, and it cracks me up.  We are having such fun with this little guy.

We don’t know what will happen when we finish–Shamus would like to try to get it published but we shall see.  (Which is why I am not sharing the actual words he has written.)  In the meantime we are taking it one painting at a time and the story is still growing.

Have I mentioned that prints and cards are now available of this little guy? Yup, you can get him here:

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