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FOR TODAY Mon. May 26, 2008…

Outside My Window...the rain has stopped and everything is green and echoing.
I am thinking… that I need to make coffee, that I need to figure out what is going on with the transfer of Dana’s website, that Rachel is being very patient about waiting till after the rain for her walk, that my poor, sad bunny seems to be working himself into a book in my mind.
I am thankful for...the Wii–my kids are happily playing, my Bible sitting open to a verse I am determined to memorize, that I have so much work to do and that the painting seems to be taking off, that I have several opportunities to sell my work, that the art classes seem to be going well, that it is finally warm.
From the kitchen…comes a reminder that I need to kneed the bread again when I go make coffee so I can toss it in the oven since the kids ate a whole loaf for breakfast and snack last night.
I am wearing…boys cargo shorts (why do girl shorts NEVER have lots of pockets???) and a Mandarin wrap shirt–two of my favorite things to wear.
I am creating...A children’s book based on my poor sad bunny–in my head, as well as the illustrations for another children’s book written by someone else, a design for a friend’s art site, and the fourth art lesson.
I am going…to take a walk with my eldest who is finally, after 10 years, wanting time alone with me as well as time alone with Daddy.
I am reading…blogs and C.S. Lewis’ essay on story, and The 5 children and It (to the kids).ย  Usually I have another book going but need to make a trip to the library soon.
I am hoping…to sell my children’s art on a children’s art site soon, to come up with illustrations for this children’s book, to work on my own, to get Dana’s website completely moved today.
I am hearing…the children fighting over who did what and why, an airplane going by, the cars passing on wet pavement, the curtain blowing at the open window.
Around the house…is less mess than usual.ย  We cleaned yesterday though I couldn’t vacuum since I need to pick it up at the vacuum fix it place.
One of my favorite things…is coffee and a good young adult, fantasy, fiction book, my paint palette full of paint and a fresh sheet of watercolor paper with the sketch already in place.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Fix Dana’s site, paint some more paintings, write another art lesson or two, get the vacuum cleaner, walk each morning, go to the library to get my bibliophile family books.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…