Saturday Trash and Treasure Sale

Yesterday I worked, as in outside the home, drive someplace, and work.  That doesn’t happen often but I was helping Carol out because she was short handed for her Trash and Treasure tag sale.  I took Rachel along because Rach always loves hanging out with Carol’s youngest daughter and her older daughter’s boys, plus she LOVES being around antiques.

It was cold, windy, and and rainy but the sale was held in an old garage/General store (with no bathroom) and there was a huge garden sale nearby so despite the mud we had lots of customers.  It was a fun, busy, exhausting day.  I came home with a car full of chairs for the girl’s room painted a beautiful robin’s egg blue and lilac, a sewing machine that might work, tons of Japanese style plates and vases, tins for storing candy in, and a pile of stuff for our upcoming yard sale.