Coming Soon: Art Class

My kids are helping me prepare a series of art lessons for kids.  Instead of telling you how to draw a specific person or thing (like so many drawing books do) we are going to show you how to learn to draw anyone.

If you want to join in (adults are welcome as well as their children) you are going to need a decent sketch or drawing pad with plenty of paper–it can be slightly used but needs lots of fresh sheets.  You will also need a pencil with an eraser (I prefer a mechanical pencil to drawing pencils.)  Then, check in each Thursday to post a link to your version of the assignment and to check out the next week’s assignment.

The lessons will be posted each Thursday on my art blog:  (Don’t worry, I will let you know when I post them here as well.)  My kids are looking forward to making some new friends and having others working along side them.:)

BTW–I would love it if you would get the word out.  If you know someone you think might be interested could you let them know?