Works for me Wednesday: Frugal clay facial mask


This is kind of off topic for my site though it is a frugal thing that we use so maybe not so much.You know those expensive clay masks for cleansing your skin that they sell in the health food stores (I am sure they sell them elsewhere too.)  Clay masks work wonders for clearing your skin and also work well for spot cleansing on a white or black head.  We also use moistened volcanic clay to draw out any sort of non-open skin infection–you just put a dab of the clay on the area that is affected–dab moistened clay on spot, let it dry, wash off.

The problem is they are also expensive.  Around here a small jar or tube costs $6 to $15.

yhst-34946187506477_1994_1150681015.jpegThere are plenty of recipes online for different homemade clay masks.  A quick google search will bring up dozens.  Our favorite is Bentonite powder which is a soft, volcanic clay known for its ability to absorb toxins. I buy Now brand which is only about $3 a bottle and lasts for about a year of use.  This clay is dry so I reconstitute it buy soaking it for over night with equal parts powder and water.  The result is a clay that you can use straight like I prefer for infections, pimples, and mask or you can combine with essential oils, honey, and/or yogurt to make a nice mask.