Another Reminder from God

You know how yesterday I mentioned all that was going on and God’s reminder to me that I am not supposed to be working outside of home–that I have plenty to do here?

Well, today, just to drive the message home, my RA is acting up big time. You see stress, wet weather, repeatedly doing something over a period of time, plus meat with hormones in it all trigger my Rheumatoid Arthritis and with that comes exhaustion and depression. Last night I noticed that an episode was coming on. For the first time I had a nodule in my hands–up until now it has been mostly my ankles and knees. I now have one on the joint by each middle finger–the left is more painful but they are there.

This is the other reason I do not work outside the home. I could not rest when I need to to keep it from getting worse. Last night I could barely type and had to keep my left hand above my head–believe me it looked as silly as it sounds. Normally I manage well with herbal supplements, a careful diet, and carefully balancing my activity. Yesterday things got off balance and wham, that was it.

The thing is that I, and my husband, needed that reminder. Not just the stress of yesterday but what that stress does to me. It is hard to focus on anything but the work when things get stressful which means you make less than wise decisions about what you eat and do.

God is good and the RA is a blessing in disguise because God often uses it to remind me what is important and what is not.